Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Hard work

Its amazing how little time I spend online, now that I am working my ass off. I am loving my job abd working really hard and spending almost no time online, my friends think I have deserted them, my housemates think I am partying till the early hours, and my blog is looking woefully neglected.

However, I now have internet at home! Finally a first world comfort! Bizzarely, I had better access in Sudan. Crazy though that is.

Now I just need my own laptop/pc. Currently I am on a housemates one, and the keyboard is German, so trying to find the letters is frustrating. This is just a quick note though, to say a couple of things.
1. I DO have every intention of writing a proper post soon
2. I didnt REALLY put the phone down on that woman. I actually managed to control myself enough to say goodbye (sweetly.. you know that voice? The type you use to speak to a person you arent sure will understand you..ever?), and put down the phone (rather firmly I´ll admit) and went and had a cigarrette.

In other news, The Magnificnet Long Distance Boyfriend arrives on 27th June. Go ahead. Count.... yup, thats 38 days from today. I try not to count but I mentioned it at work, and now all the waiters say things like:

God, man, only 38 days till she gets laid. Maybe then she´ll get off our backs.

OR.. the simpler version.

Morning Sarah! 38 days! *wink*

Its getting painful. Anyway, more updates soon. Any person that counts down days to me may be subject to a violent reaction...